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Saudi Arabia to Women: “You are Backseat Citizens”

I remember being amused when I heard on BBC that the King of Saudi Arabia was making “incredible changes for women” by allowing them to vote.  I figured that it was all a matter of window dressing and trying to appear progressive after all the well-earned bad press they’ve received over the years regarding human rights in general and womens’ rights in particular.









Let’s not pretend that Saudi Arabia is respecting women at all when they are not even allowed to drive a car.  I’m glad to see that people are starting to ask questions following this announcement by King Adbullah.  (Here’s an article about these questions from CNN.)

A blog that I check in from time to time is Susie’s Big Adventure.  “Susie of Arabia” (as she calls herself) is an American wife to a Saudi husband, blogging from Saudi Arabia and she has managed (surprisingly!) to keep herself out of jail so far!  She shares many of the same questions and concerns as I do and has written a wonderful blogpost titled “King Says Saudi Women Can Now Vote“.  I encourage you to click on the link and check it out for yourself.  Such news makes me reflect once again on how sweet it is to live in the Sultanate of Oman with a progressive minded leader as His Majesty Sultan Qaboos!  Vive le Sultan!