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If you have something you think could benefit the readers of this blog, why not share it with us?!  Many items I have posted have come from the readers of this blog, usually after an email message letting me know about a particular event.  Email me (at , or ) anything which you feel is noteworthy (especially if it relates to the Sultanate of Oman, charitable events, restaurants and hotel deals here or tourism in general).  That doesn’t mean I’ll post everything suggested and if I don’t post it, don’t take it personally.  There is a good chance that I was simply too busy at the time! (There’s only 1 guy running this monster and don’t forget that I do have a fulltime job! ;-) )  A big thanks to all the readers out there who have contributed in one way or another to the blog, whether it has been through comments, subscribing to the blog itself or simply visiting once in a bluemoon to see what’s new.  This blog “aint nothin’” without the readers! ;-)

68 responses to “Contribute to the Blog

  1. Good to see a Christian proclaiming his Christianity! God bless you and your family!

  2. Hi Andy,

    Could you please do an Ice Skating ‘update’ on the new Rink and facility, (across the road from your recent post on the Royal China Restaurant) in Qurum. Interested in rinks dimensions and Figure Skating Club if possible.

    Thankyou for your wonderful blog and know that we enjoy it weekly here in the ‘land down under’ in Aust!

    • Yvette,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I hope to do an Iceskating update as soon as I can but I’m a busy man and live on the other side of town. Hopefully when I’m on vacation in the next few times I’ll get a chance to check out the place! Nice to know there are some regular readers from Australia. :-) All the best to you and the family!

  3. First of all, Great job on all the blogs you’ve posted, it comes in very handy for someone or an expat especially looking for something to do on the weekend. Thank you for always writing on the hot topics of Muscat, from an expats point of view and also writing as a Christian in Oman, God Bless you!!
    I have a few of topics for you if you are intersted:
    1. SHOPPING- MATALAN shopping outlet in Al Bahja (24 536947)( there is an ongoing sale! Perhaps because it is not in a prime location does not mean it is not a good store.
    2. RESORT- The Barka Al Nada Resort ( tel: 26883710) Russian DJ event happened last night, by the ppol side, inclusive of disco with a shower/ rain

    3. ENTERTAINMENT- The new radio show on 90.4fm by Charlotte Makala, she is a mamber of our church, the PCO. (24602058)(

  4. Hi Andy! I would like to ask your suggestion for a wedding venue which is not that expensive but exclusive for 30 person.

    Thank you!!

    • cyssia,
      I wish I could help you out but we got married in the Philippines and I know very little about such things. We do know several people who had their reception at the Majan Continental Hotel as it’s reaonably priced. ( The wedding venue itself depends on many factors with the most important being the nationality/ies of the bride/groom and your religion. Quite a few expat Christians end up getting married at the Good Shepherd hall at Ghala church as it’s not too big or small and has a beautiful look to it once it’s all decorated. I hope it all works out! God bless!

  5. Andy,
    I am usually a silent reader but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your blog. It is informative, entertaining, and I really enjoy reading it. :)

    • Jado,
      Thanks so much! I remember your comment from a while back when you mentioned you knew a few artist friends who might apply for the “searching for Omani artist gig”. Nice to hear from you again. Feel free to comment anytime. I enjoy writing this little old blog of mine and it’s always nice to see comments! :-) Thanks for the encouragement!

      • You are absolutely welcome! I thank you for keeping me in the loop as I feel like I am totally out of it for the most part!
        Speaking of being in the loop, I totally saw the big sign at the Muscat City center for timmies! I am psyched, and totally thought of you when I saw it. I even took a picture and said i’d send it your way. Forgot :(

  6. I took that picture of the Tim Horton’s sign in Muscat City Center Seeb as well. I just haven’t posted it yet, haha! :-) Thanks for the thought.

  7. Hello, Andy,

    I will be in Oman later this year from Nov. 9 to Nov. 14 and was wondering whether you knew of any places in Muscat where people dance Argentine tango (maybe the tango show that was there earlier this year inspired local dancers). Here in Montreal, tango is extremely popular. I hear that there is salsa dancing in Muscat. Any information about tango or salsa would be appreciated.


  8. Hi,
    I plan to go to Masirah in October and I look for an accomodation tip (other than slleping in a car) close to Shannah or Muhut for one night. Can someone help me? Thanks

  9. Jan,
    There are at least 2 cheap hotels/guest houses that I took note of on my trip there. Close to Shannah harbour and also close to Muhut are Duqm Tourist Guest House and Motel Mahuth. I took photos of each hotel but unfortunately neither place has a phone number on their signs and I’m not able to locate them online.

  10. Andy,
    Thanks a lot for quick reply. Actually I also found a notice of some guesthouses/hotel in that area in the Lonely planet guide but without any contact. Google and all possible hotel reservation webs gave no result either. I’ll be driving from Muscat directly there so a reservation would give me more certainty. In any case I have reserved a big car for us (travelling with my wife), so I will be prepared for everything.

  11. Andy,
    My name is Mohamed, working in Oman. I would like to know r u still teaching IELTS prpration course or not. If so
    i would like to know course details , its period of time , Place of the course and cost as well. can you contact me on my mail address


  12. Hi Andy,

    I had tried getting in touch with you on your email but it did not go through. Was there an email I can use to get in touch with you? Its regarding an important matter. If you do not want to disclose your email on this blog, you can always reach me on my email Hope to hear from you soon. Regards

  13. Mahreen,
    It’s clear from reading your message why your email did not go through. You made the common mistake of forgetting the “d” between “andy” and “brown”. It’s “”. Drop me a line anytime. The best way for me to get back to people is on the blog though…Kind regards.

  14. Thank You for correcting that Andy, wonderful! I will send you the email right away. Best Regards

  15. Hey andy. I am also one of the ‘silent readers who follow the blog regularly’. I have found your posts to be very informative, especially since I am new to Muscat. On that note, I was wondering if anyone here lives in Muscat Hills? I am considering moving into an apartment there and wanted to have a current resident’s perspective (anything i should know e.g hidden maintenance costs, other hassles). Any bit of info would be of help. I know this is not a forum so I am sorry if this post isnt in line with the tone and content of your blog.

    • Mir,
      Nice to hear from you. Thanks for following the blog! It’s always a treat to hear from a “regular, silent reader” suddenly out of the blue! I wish I could help you out but I know nothing about Muscat Hills apart from the fact that they have a golf course. Hopefully a reader who knows more will post something here for you. No problem about posting here. It’s not “a forum” but that doesn’t mean we can’t help folks out! :-) I think posting in the “contribute to the blog page” is an appropriate spot to ask for such help. All the best as you consider moving!

  16. Hi Andy, first I wanted to say thanks for all the wonderful posts, my wife and I have both found you blog very helpful during our time living in Oman. My wife said that she ran into you at the Christmas Bazzar last week and you mentioned you might add something in your blog about some of my work. I am a photographer, I believe you bought one of the photos from her. Just thought I would send you a link to some of the Oman series that I do in case you were interested. I usually update the galleries once a month. Thanks very much, take care!

    • Hi Darryl,
      Nice to see your comment and link here on the blog! I was really impressed with your photography at the Bazaar and just had to buy one of your gorgeous village shots. Yes, I do eventually plan to post something about some of the creative artists I learned about at the bazaar but now it’s a matter of finding the time. Hectic days! Eventually I hope to meet up with you to pick your brain about photography in general and UW photography in particular. I’ll be in touch. Keep checking back and eventually I’ll post something about your work. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Kind regards to you (and the wife!) :-)

  17. Dear Andy,
    I have been a great Fan of your Blog.It gives me sense of belonging.I want to meet you and share my thoughts. Page mentioned below is done by me.Other links are mentioned in the page info.Thanking you.Regards

    • yousuf,
      Nice to hear from you. I’ve seen your facebook several times as many of my facebook friends and I support the idea of HM Sultan Qaboos getting the Nobel Prize for peace. If you want to meet up sometime email me at with the details. Would love to hear your thoughts and meet up with you. Kind regards!

  18. hi Andy,
    My name is Dhiyab, I am Omani. Could you please help me to get this Entertainer Oman 2013 by this week ??
    Kind regards,

    • Dhiyab,
      The best way to get this is to drive down to Borders Express at Qurum City Centre! It’s as easy as that! :-) Kind regards.

  19. Thank you my dear .. :)

  20. Hello Andy!
    When i started to plan my trip to Oman 3 month ago i went through hundreds of internet pages to get as much as possible information about my destination. I can say, your blog was the most useful for me. Really great posts, infos, photos not only for tourist, but also about the life in Oman, that’s what i was looking for the most.
    Now it’s almost one month that i came back from my short visit in Oman and i still dreaming about the beauty of this country. It was simply amazing and unforgettable experience!
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing with us your experience about life in Oman! Keep going! I’m following you!
    Of course you are invited to check my Omani photoblog a made here…hundreds of pictures from places i’ve visited on my short 4 days trip to Oman.
    I’ll be happy if you can help me to spread those pictures through the web that it can reach also other people, that will have the chance to see the beauty of the country, visit there one day, and talk about it and recommend to others!
    Thanks again

    • Tomi,
      Thanks for the encouragement. Always nice to know when the blog has helped someone out! I checked out your pictures. Very nice! Unfortunately I can only see thin slices of the pics until I click on them. (?!) I wonder if I’m the only one having troubles viewing pics on your site. Glad to hear you had such a fabulous time in Oman. Kind regards and Happy New Year! :-)

      • Thank you! And Happy New Year 2013 to you and your family!
        Yes i know about the problem, this is common problem of WordPress, i’ll try to change the view as a slideshow, so you can check it if it’s help, but anyway, it’s working in Firefox browser , try it!

  21. I would love any information or recommendations on tour guides or tour companies in Oman, specifically those that will take people staying overnight in a hotel in Nizwa from Nizwa to other cities or Jabal Shams or Jabal Akdar for a day trip from Nizwa in a four by four car and with a tour guide. Thanks so much! My family is coming from the states and I don’t have an info on this.

    • Ann,
      Wish I could help you out but that kind of info is best found in the place where you plan to stay. For example, if you are staying at Golden Tulip Nizwa, I would contact the hotel itself and ask if they have such tour packages for guests at the hotel. Hotels normally have brochures on such local tour packages in their main lobby. I hope you and your family find the info you need!

  22. Do you know of any tour companies or tour guides that will take people from Nizwa to Jabal Shams or Jabal Akdar in a four by four car? My family is coming to visit at the end of this month (Jan) and wanted to do this with them. Thanks so much for any help!

    • Wow! Just noticed this comment more than a year later! Whoops! Hope it worked out with your family. There are plenty of tour companies and tour guides who take people by 4X4. It’s just a matter of looking around. Some of the local papers have such info in the classifieds and there is always the TimeOut magazine.

  23. Andy, am looking to relocate from UK to Oman and am looking for work. I have a masters in community development and was wondering if you could give me any suggestions. I would appreciate it very much! Many thanks and good luck

    • Helena,
      I’m afraid the only resources I know of are for helping people find employment in Oman as English teachers. If you are interesting in teaching English as a foreign language in Oman, the main website I suggest searching is Kind regards and best of luck!

  24. Hi Andy!! your blogs are always so interesting and informative! When I am looking for something I always search your blogs. Keep it up!! just wondering if you are active on Facebook ?? Best Regards,Minnie

    • Thanks so much, Muna!
      I have thought about it but the last thing I want is something else online that I have to maintain and keep updated! Hard enough to keep track of my hotmail (with almost 4200 messages in the inbox!), facebook, gmail, youtube and twitter accounts! So I think I’ll pass on the blog-facebook page! ;-)

  25. Hi Andy!! Please keep me updated via email Best Regards,Minnie

    • Hi again, Muna/Minnie!
      You can keep updated via email by subsribing to the blog. (under “EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION” on the right side of the blog) Kind regards!

  26. Hi Andy,sounds handful!!! but thank you once more & regarding the update I meant replying to my previous message in the email.otherwise I visit your blog regularly.Cheers!

    • Muna,
      I don’t have any emails from a “Muna” or a “Minnie”. I wonder if you have the correct email address. (Many people miss the “d” between “andy” and “brown”!) Thanks for your regular visits. Cheers!

  27. !!!!!!!!!!!!!Apparently I been sending to””” spam””” messages to someone else & wondering about it! Will update my records>cheers

  28. Hey Andy! Good job with the blog, I’m Aj,the Head Pastry chef at Grand Hyatt Muscat, guess i missed the opportunity of meeting you, was a little tide-up with another project that day.I’m a Canadian too and happy to see a fellow Canadian doing an excellent job in Oman.

    • A.J.,
      Thanks! Sounds like I’m the one who missed out. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet up sometime in the future. Good to hear from a fellow Canadian working here in the Sultanate! Keep up the great work with the delicious pastries at the Hyatt! MMM! :-)

  29. I have been a regular at Darcys Kitchen and like the food there.A few days ago, a friend and I went to Cafe Richoux in Opera Galleria. Richoux has, by far, the best cafe food in Muscat although it is wee bit more expensive but worth every penny more. More cafe,also in Opera Galleria is fine but not worth making the effort to make a special trek.

    • Hamish,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’ll have to try Cafe Richoux out someday. I would have to disagree about More Cafe though – well worth checking out! ;-)

  30. I kno ive already made a few posts on a few of your blogs but i’d like to mention I am an american living in salalah from almost 3 yrs (but thats with a break inbetween to give birth in usa). I am a muslim before marrying and before coming to oman I became muslim 10 yrs ago. I really enjoyed your blogs and photos. I like oman bc of its beauty but I have to admit that i’ve not been so happy this time around. Theres many reasons for this and theres lots I could go on and on about.

    with all that being said I’d like to mention I do not know any american or native english speakers such as canadian or europeans here if there are any women living in salalah or planning to come to salalah i’d be more than welcoming to chat with them possibly meet up with them.

    • ummikhalid,
      Good to have you on the blog. I hope you find happiness over time here in the Sultanate. I hope that you do eventually meet up with native English speakers in Salalah. Crowne Plaza and Hilton Salalah are great places to meet up with English speaking folks! All the best!

  31. Good day, my names are Godwin Joseph Christian ,Member Euro Football Skills Academy And Befreefootball, We are looking for Already Existing Football Academy in OMAN And Also looking for those who want to build new brand Academy in Oman to introduce Befreefootball Program to their Academy,
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  32. Hi Andy,

    I am looking for an Oriental grocery story to buy seaweed and miso and other Asian groceries. I would appreciate it if you could provide some suggestions.

  33. Hi Andy, I keep reading your restaurant reviews before trying them out. I appreciate your writing style. My family and I visited the Wadi Shams resort after reading your review and found it enjoyable.

    BTW, we happened o dine quite unexpectedly at The Jungle Restaurant and found the food delicious, prices very reasonable and excellent customer service. the jungle ambience was a bonus too. I came by your blog today to see your review about the same, but found you dont have one. I suggest you visit the place. It will be a place worth visit for anyone in Muscat and will help your readers.

    • Hi Pooja,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Nice to know you enjoy the restaurant reviews. We did plan to visit the Jungle Restaurant but their attitude over the phone was so horrible that we never bothered to check them out… We have heard both good and bad things about the place. Someday we might give them another try! Thanks again for stopping in and sharing your thoughts. It’s appreciated! :-)

  34. Hi Andy, I’ve been in Muscat for nearly three years so I feel on the whole pretty adjusted to the dusty old town. On the whole I’ve become pretty fond of the place and enjoy my job teaching as well. I’ve a few subjects that I think might be of interest to you so if you see fit……?

    What has been happening to the pricing of electricity? Two years ago I was living in a larger apt than I now do yet my bills have more than doubled! Has anyone else found this?

    Since my return from summer leave I have noticed a few changes. Has anyone else noticed that there are far more cars on the road? It use to be that there where times when it was best to avoid driving due to rush hour but now even the former quite times are busy.

    There seem to also be far more woman covered up than before the summer ? A sensitive issue, I know but I’d be interested in knowing if others have perceived the same.

    • Phil,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I’ve heard this idea that electricity has gone up but we have noticed very little change in our bills over the past 6 years. We do notice a lot more traffic on the roads and even the quieter times are busy as you mentioned. For this reason, we try avoiding long journeys that take us across town, especially to Ruwi. We haven’t noticed a change in the number of covered up women though.

  35. Need your help with regard to IELTS TEST PREPARATION. I understood from your blog, right now your not taking any classes, but please help to direct us to the right person to get trained in IELTS. I have sent mail to your hotmail id, but no reply for that. my emailid is

    • Suchithra,
      This is not a website to find IELTS test preparation. I suggest buying a local English paper which are usually chalk full of ielts test preparation centres and individuals willing to help for a small fee in the classifieds section. All the best!

  36. Pathetic situation faced by Nomad Tours.What is the reward for providing some of muscats visitors most highly rated accommodation? A potential ban.

    • Sad situation for people trying to run B&Bs! I have heard great things about Nomad Tours and was surprised to read about what they went through. Certain levels of tourists would never dream of staying in the overly expensive 4 or 5 star hotels here in the Sultanate and so B&Bs would never really “take business away” from such luxurious hotels anyway. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding some of the laws that come out or why they choose to “implement” certain unclear regulations out of the blue like the decision not to have live music with more than 2 (or is it 3) band members. Then there is the strange case where some establishments don’t have their alcohol licenses renewed while others do. Sometimes I just sit back and scratch my head.

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