My name is Andrew Brown, but most of my friends call me Andy.  I’m a Canadian who has been teaching English overseas since July, 1995.  (Wow! More than 18 years!)  I am currently teaching at the university level in Oman and loving it!I have been living in Oman for more than 6 years now.  The 1st year I lived in Ibri and for the past 5 years in the capital city, Muscat.  My wife and I (we met here in church in Oman!) LOVE living in Oman and find life in Muscat to be a daily adventure.  We love meeting new friends from all over the globe at our church, The Protestant Church in Oman (PCO), and are grateful for the tolerance of His Majesty (and Omanis in general) in allowing Christians to worship freely in the Sultanate.  If you’re not a Christian, I hope you can understand that any “Christian material” on this website is not meant “to force anything down your throat” but is simply a reflection of who I am and that you would respect that.  If you don’t like such posts, feel free to just skip over them!  :-)  From time to time, I have been known to post a sermon for the benefit of local church members who might have missed service.  That’s not the only stuff on this blog of course!  I like to write reviews about restaurants we’ve enjoyed, pics of different places I’ve visited in Oman, thoughts on current events in and out of Oman and anything else that crosses my mind. (You’ve been warned, haha!)  It’s my hope that some of the material on this blog will aid others in finding what they’re looking for.  I am greatly influenced by the fact that I knew nothing about Oman when coming and wish I could have had some kind of resource before flying over to start a new life here.  If this blog can aid anyone (even in the slightest) who is contemplating coming over to Oman, then I would be very pleased.

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to email me at andydbrown@hotmail.com (don’t forget the “d” there!). (I’m also on twitter from time to time at www.twitter.com/AndyinOman)  I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.  If you have anything you’d like to share on my blog or have any news items or suggestions, feel free to contact me as well.   Thanks for taking the time to read this little write-up and welcome to “Andy in Oman”!  :-)

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  1. Hi Andy
    Great blog-
    am photographer planning trip to Oman soon and interested in the fishermen-just wonder if i could pester you for some info?

  2. Hi John,
    Thanks for visiting. Of course I’ll help if I can. What kind of info are you looking for? By the way, great website and awesome pics! Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Great blog, I’m about to move to Muscat and need info about schooling for my children ages 12, 10 and 7 years, what schools should we consider, how about the standard and fees etc…
    / Veronica

    • If I may? I grew up in Muscat; I graduated from ABA. It’s a fantastic school! I think your kids would really enjoy it. Everyone very welcoming, and friendly, and your kids will make friends on their first day, I can almost guarantee that!
      I’m still in touch with the people I met on my first day at ABA, more than a decade later.
      I believe Mona Nashman-Smith is still the Superintendent there. She was there when I was still in school.

  4. Veronica,
    Thanks for stopping by! First of all, congrats on the upcoming move to Muscat! I’m sure you’ll love it here. Wow! 3 kids and all in “schooling age”. One thing I hear time and time again is how expensive it is to put kids into schools. I also hear that it’s best to do so as much in advance as you can. A good website for this kind of question (as we know NOTHING about such things only having 1 son only 8 months old) is http://www.omanforum.com They have touched upon this question time and time again. Here is one link from that website with some websites/numbers you could contact. http://www.omanforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=20381&highlight=international+schools All the best to you as you seek the best place for your kids to learn!

  5. hi andy how are you i hope you will be fine i catught you from google are you in salalah or muscat please tell because i want to take IELTS test but 1st i need prepare my self

  6. Muhammad,
    I’m great, thanks for asking! To answer your question, I live in Muscat. I wish you all the best as you prepare for the IELTS exam! Take care!

  7. Hey Andy,

    Great site indeed, loved it. however, if you need any assistance is translating from Arabic email me

  8. Hi Ussama,
    Thanks! And I REALLY appreciate the offer of Arabic translations! I’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thanks so much!

  9. hey Andy,
    i like your blog… it’s nice..i just want to ask you about the Church in Ghala and the activities?
    any website for the timing of the activities?
    thank you

  10. Hi, Mooses!
    Thanks for stopping in at my humble little blog! The best way to find out about the church in Ghala and the activities going on there is to visit the website: http://www.churchinoman.com They usually post upcoming events on a side menu that scrolls very fast down the screen (so you need to read carefully!). I hope that helps you. Cheers!

    • Dear Andrew,
      I seek your permission to use photographs of Muscat 1890 ans Sultan seyyid Said for publication. looking forward to hearing from you

  11. thans alot…
    right… it scrolles very fast..it makes me feel dizzy haha :)
    thank you again for your help…
    whish you the best


  12. Just ‘ran into’ your website from a google search on Christmas theme.
    If you are interested in reading Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914, email me and I will send the pdf. , 8 mb, 96 pp. [see my website for link to amzon review]
    In any case, wishing you a most blessed Christmas.

  13. sdcougar,
    Good to hear from you Mr. Snow. I am definitely interested in reading your book “Oh Holy Night”! I will email you ASAP. Blessings to you and your family during this Christmas season! :-)

  14. Hi Steve, If you’d like to meet more Canadians, stop by the ice rink in Al Khuwair on a Tuesday night (after the holidays) and you’ll find many who play hockey! And if you’re interested in finding out about Canadian events, send the RAHRC Canadian section an email at canadiansinoman@gmail.com. Right now, we mainly have our one BIG event, the Canadian Stampede, and if you’d like to help out in planning/organizing, let us know!

    • Hi Andy! First of all great job on the blog. It is so helpful to find such information online and I hope this blog is still active and you are checking it~!I am Canadian moving to Oman in July for work, so it is nice to meet and connect with fellow Canadians:).. You seem very resourceful, so I do have a questions, I have been looking non-stop online for accommodation without any success. What do I do, I am running out of time. Something of 1 bdrm furnished short term in an expat area until I am settled for long term rental. any sites, contacts, places, people who can help!!? that would be highly appreciated. this is my rubaadel@hotmail.com.

      You have a wonderful family, god bless!

      • Apologies for the typos. Typing from a phone is a little tough!

        • Totally understandable. Don’t worry. I don’t think there are too many grammar/spelling/typo nazis scanning the pages of my blog. If there were, I’m sure they would have mentioned plenty of typos that I’ve noticed (and obviously some I haven’t) over the years! :-)

      • Rubes,
        Will get back to you tonight (through email) with a few ideas for accomodation.

  15. Happy new year for all friends at this web and Marry Christmas

  16. Thanks, “almufarji”!
    Happy New Year to you as well! :-)

  17. Hello to all friends
    hope all fine and interesting live in Oman
    peace country
    I want help from someone speak English
    because i want to improve my language
    if I can meet some people in Muscat
    and have time to talk together
    my email is
    more thanks to all friends

  18. Almufarji,
    Good luck finding someone to meet and practise your English with. We are so busy we barely have time to meet up with people we know! :-)

  19. Hi andybrown,

    Just found your blog/site and its cool.

    I am staying only at home so if you need any help just give me shout. happy to help.

    • Hi Cristine\Andy…

      I am just 1 day old in ibri and need a guidance .. please guide me to settle down here .. I got a job here in Ibri as a network technician…
      email me ASAP @ abulshah@gmail.com
      please prove to me as we heard of that OMAN is very best at hospitality…

      Thanks & Regards
      Abul Bayan

      • abul,
        I am really not an emailing type of guy. If there’s something you need to know, why not ask it here? I’m sure you’ll do quite well in Ibri. Congrats on getting a job there as a network tehnician. Ibri couldn’t definitley use a few more! Kind regards!

  20. Hi Cristine!
    Glad to know you enjoy the blog. :-) Hoping you find a job in the Sultanate soon! Thanks for the offer of help! :-)

  21. Hi dear Cristine
    how are you ?
    hope you are fine
    if you have i want meet you
    and also i want improve my langauge
    my email is
    more thanks

  22. Hi Andy, i need to get in touch with you. Will you either drop me a mail or let me know yours please? Thanks!

  23. m. david ramkumar

    dear pastor, i seen all your photoes and the article. everything very good. i pray for your ministry

  24. Maurizio,
    You can reach me at andydbrown@hotmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m not a pastor however. Just a man who loves God and His Holy Word. Blessings to you!

  25. Hi dear Cristine
    how are you ?
    hope you are fine
    are you still in Oman’

  26. hi dear David,
    hope you are fine
    and intersting in oman
    nice country

  27. Hey Andy,

    It’s a great pleasure finding a Canadian environment in Oman and it is a great idea having such a wonderful website to share some comments. If u don’t mind Andy, I am also an English teacher from Canada and currently looking for a job in Oman and wonder if u got any recommendations for me.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

  28. hi dear Murad Melhem
    i want say you wellcome to Oman
    it is nice to work in pravite colleges

  29. Murad,
    The best advice is to check out Dave’s ESL cafe. (www.daveseslcafe.com) There are always many job postings for Oman in the international job postings section.
    I hope you find a great job! :-)

  30. Dear Andy,
    I have been trying to email you with a quick question, with no success at all. Can you please email me at slprobablysara@gmail.com and I will reply? Thanks so much.
    I am a friend of Maggie Jeans:-)
    All the best,
    Sara Lawrence

  31. Sara,
    Got your email! Good to finally get in touch with you. Cheers! :-)

  32. Hi, while i was searching for a Tamil Church in Oman, i found your blog. Can u pls guide me if there is any CHURCH OF CHRIST in Oman who do worship in Tamil please?

  33. hi dear i think one CHURCH
    you can get it in Bosher

  34. Hi Andrew, my name is Jenni and I stumbled across your blog when I was looking at how to help the stray dogs in Oman! My family and I lived in Muscat for 7 years when I was growing up. We have an Omani stray dog who is now 13 years old! What’s happened to the stray dog that found cooler ground on your doorstep? I and my family are interesting in helping to re-home her and even other dogs if we can find out how to do it. We’re living in Switzerland and would really like to help!

    I hope you’re enjoying life in Oman, we certainly loved it! :)

  35. Jenni,
    Glad you stopped by. That’s cool that you left Muscat with an Omani stray! Good for you! The stray dog that used to hang out on my doorstep left, I was told by my old neighbor just days ago. (We moved to a new apartment.) Some people in our building complained about “wild dogs” in our building and so they insisted that the gate be closed and the dog stopped coming. Yes, the family and I are really enjoying life in Muscat, Oman! Thanks again for visiting and leaving a comment. God bless!

  36. Hi Andy, I wanna know how to work in Oman. I love this City and I am currently live in Calgary,Ab,Canada. Though, I wanna live in one of the Arabian Countries and please send me an e-mail. I need You badly.

    God bless You

    Solomon Tekele

  37. Solomon,
    One good way to find a job in Oman if you are a qualified English teacher is to go to the international job postings on http://www.daveseslcafe.com That’s how I’ve found quite a few of my jobs in the past 15 years of teaching English overseas! Hope that helps! All the best! :-)

  38. hi dear Solomon Tekele

    i want say you wellcome to Oman
    it is nice place to work in pravite colleges
    hope you fine that soon and see you here in oman

  39. Nice blog; I was posting some “archive” posts about Oman from my 2002 visit and I found your site. If you are interested in sharing site links please let me know. :-)

  40. Hi Andy,
    Currently, I am preparing a list of all villages/towns in the Muscat Governorate. However, all Arabic names are missing in my list. I am wondering whether you know a website where I can obtain all theses Arabic names.
    Kind regards

    • Ralph,
      I don’t know of any such website but hopefully someone else who reads this and knows might be able to help you! Kind regards to you as well!

  41. hello to all friends
    hope all fine
    the wheather today is good
    nice if i can meet someone to talk
    about culture and improve my english
    regards to Mr Anday and all friends

  42. Hi! Andy,

    We are currently working on publishing a book on biodiversity in Abu Dhabi and is collecting high resolution pictures to be used in the book. We found your Ethiopian hedgehog picture very amzaing :). I just want to know If we can use the photos.

    Thanks in advance.



  43. Hamidreza Fahami

    Hi Andy,
    How can I Participate in your course?

    • Hamidreza,
      that was a one time thing. I am not running any other courses besides my main teaching job. Sorry! Take care! :-)

  44. Hi there Andy

    I am prakash . I am from Houston /TX. I used to live in Muscat during 2005-2006 and be part of the Oman christian fellowship. I was trying to search for it on google , I bumped into your blog. Its a nostalgic moment for me to read your blog. I felt great reading your articles.

    • Hi, Prakah! That’s cool that you used to live in Muscat and attended OCF and now happened to stumble upon my blog! :-) Glad to hear you enjoyed reading some of my articles. God bless!

  45. Hello Andy!

    We would like to invite you to Grand Lounge to be our Guest. You can check our restaurant details on http://www.grandloungeoman.com

    Take care!

  46. Sencer,
    Hi there! Is that “guest” as in “it’s on us” or “guest” as in “come by and try it out on your own expense someday”?! :-)

  47. Hey Andy. I’m currently based in the Philippines but will fly out there for work by next week. Will be working for Shell Oman for two years. I really enjoyed your blog, and it was very interesting. Learned a lot about Oman by reading it. Keep it up.

  48. Joey,
    Thanks! That’s great that you’re coming to Oman! If you need help with anything, let me know. PAGPALAIN KA NG DIYOS!!!

  49. wellcome to Oman dear Joey

  50. Hi Andy,

    I came across your blog online whilst searching for information about Oman. I was wondering if you could help me… Is it possible to buy samples of incense, frankincnese, myrrh, spices etc from the Souks in Salalah, Oman? In particular the Al Haffah market. If so, who do I contact, and how?

    I found your blog on ‘The Lost City of Ubar’ very interesting.

    If you could send me an email that would be great. Many thanks,
    Gina Stewart


  51. Gina,
    Hello there! I am situated in Muscat so I think it’d be best to ask someone in Salalah. Why not ask the most popular blogger in Salalah?: http://dhofarigucci.blogspot.com/ Nadia is extremely helpful and a real source of knowledge about all things Dhofar! :-) By the way, I’m glad you enjoyed the blogpost on Ubar! Thanks!

    • Thanks Andy! Do you know how I can contact Nadia please, preferably by email?

      Many many thanks, Gina

  52. Gina,
    Her email address is gucci@gmail.com
    Anything to help!
    Cheers! :-)

  53. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for your help, but unfortunately that email address doesn’t work. Do you know if Nadia has another one perhaps?
    Many thanks!!

  54. Gina,
    SO sorry. The complete email address is: dhofari.gucci@gmail.com
    I forgot the “dhofari” part! :-(
    All the best!

  55. Hi Andy,

    I am not sure if you know me, but I was the other girl (other than Carina) who used to play the piano in Dr. Ebenezers choir. I have been following your blog forquite a while now, and I think it is awesome. I am writing to you to draw your attention to one initiative….one of my friends has started this initiative to distribute cold water to workers out in the sun. The link to that initiative is https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Care-initiative/202116646498901. I thought you would be interested in this, and could help out in any small way that you could.
    Carol George

  56. Hi, Carol!
    Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for all your lovely work in Dr. Ebenezer’s choir. I was one of their biggest fans! :-) It’s so sad that the Ebenezers have left but then again, I know that’s all part of God’s will! They were SUCH a blessing to Oman, music lovers and and especially the church here in Muscat! It’s so nice to hear that you’ve been following my blog. Thanks for the info regarding this wonderful initiative. I hope people will check it out for themselves and consider getting involved. God bless!

  57. Hi Andy,
    My name is Bassam. I’ve gone through your blog and it really looks interesting the way you choose your topics and write about them.
    Can you please share with me your email address as I need to drop you a line (private) and see if it would be an interest for you.


  58. Omani Jewel,
    Thanks for stopping by. What a lovely comment! ;-)

    Bassam, (or anyone for that matter)
    email me anytime at andydbrown@hotmail.com :-)

  59. Hi Andy
    I am Shashikant Patil (Age 30 Years, Male) from India. I have completed Masters Education In English, and now intrested to teach English in Oman school. Can u please guide me for application, selection procedure. and salaries , facilities for teacher in Oman. I will be very thankfull of you if you reply positively @ ppatil@tce.co.in.

  60. hi andy, this is marissa, currently looking for institution having IELTS test required for my immigrant application to Canada, and also IELTS Practice Test kits, i already asked British council, but it was a long time ago that they used to have this course. Can you be of help? appreciate so much.


  61. Shashikant,
    Look for job openings on the international job board on http://www.daveseslcafe.com Job postings for Oman come up quite frequently. Best of luck!

    I don’t teach IELTS. I did it once a few years back but I don’t think I can be of much help besides suggesting someone you could talk to. Please check your email. I’ll contact you there!

  62. Hi Andy,
    Nice Blog.

    Are you still doing your charity collecting items for the poor. If so please send me your email address and telephone number.

    I am living in Al Mwaleh and have some things for charity.

    • Hi Aisha,
      Thanks! Yes, we are always collecting items for the poor. My email address is andydbrown@hotmail.com. I’m also living in Al Mwaleh (South) so hopefully it’ll be quick and easy to get things to me and I’ll get them to the church.

  63. Hi Andy,

    I’m a Canadian teacher and musician. Like you, I have been teaching internationally since 1995 and am very excited to have been offered a teaching position in Muscat. My wife and I are really looking forward to making the move and integrating into the community and were happy to see all the good things in your blog about expat life in Muscat. We would love to meet you and your family one day and hopefully share in some of the many things Muscat has to offer. Please email me if you get a sec. Look forward to seeing you.

    Best wishes!

    • Hi Corey!
      Thanks for the comment and the email. Seems like we’ve got a lot in common, eh?! ;-) Glad to hear you found a few good things off my blog. I’ll get back at you through email and hopefully we’ll be able to meet up when you get to Muscat.

  64. hi andy!
    thanks for keeping update. appreciate it :). well, seems busy like i need to find a job , i will be transfer to site couple of months now. I want to work in the head office for Administrative Function (HR Assistant, Secretary etc.) Well then, just in case send me an update if u know someone :). thank u very much Andy Brwon! More Power & God bless :)

    • @Marissa
      My pleasure. I hope that you find a good job soon. If I hear of anything, I’ll be in touch through email. God bless, Marissa. :-)

  65. Good day, Andy! Just came across with this website of yours. I am currently staying with my family here and Oman and don’t know much places to go. Your posts really do help me a lot to find nice places/activities here in Oman. It’ll be my husband’s birthday soon. We’ll be celebrating at Tomato and try some dishes that you recommend here. Thanks and God bless!

    • Hi, Val!
      Good day to you too! :-) I’m so glad to hear that some of my posts have helped you find a few places/activities to keep you busy in the beautiful Sultanate of Oman! I hope your husband’s birthday celebration at Tomato will be an incredible memory for you both. Thanks so much for the lovely message. Happy birthday to your husband!

  66. Hi Andy,

    Only a few days before we leave, I’m so curious and excited!


  67. Oh wow! I’ve been blogging for about 10 months and now I find Omani bloggers …. even though I hardly qualify for the term , I grew up in Oman , but over the past year and half have been studying in India . Yeah I found it searching Tgif :p

    • rantonit,
      Cool! 13 years in Oman is a long time! Any plans to return to Oman someday? Your blog is nice. Keep up the great work. And all the best with your studies!

  68. Well I keep coming here , 3 months during the summer (almost ) and a couple of 2 week stints during the rest of the year. I’m in Muscat right now , till sunday actually and so I’m taking my driving tests and stuff :D . How weird is it though that I find you now! Yes , hopefully I do end up returning to Oman someday , soon . This place does feel more like home than anywhere else.
    thank you for that :D , I’ve only been blogging for about 10 months now and a couple of times every week. You?

    • rantonit,
      Best of luck with your driving tests! This place is really starting to feel like home for us as well. We love it here. I’ve been blogging since my days in South Korea (started in 2005 I think!). Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here before returning to your studies in India. Cheers!

  69. Hi Andy,
    I have just found your blog and I find it very interesting with a lot of useful info. I am an ESOL/EFL teacher myself and planning to go to Oman to teach. We have a 2-year old daughter so it is difficult to make a decision. Do you mind if I send you some questions in an e-mail? Thanks.

    • Klaudia,
      Thanks for stopping by the blog! :-) Glad to know it’s been useful for you. If you have questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at andydbrown@hotmail.com . Anything to help out a fellow ESL/EFL teacher! :-)

  70. Hi andy, its mehr again, we enjoy muscat so much, trying the kargeen Cafe tonight… Warm regards, inez

  71. Inez,
    Glad you made it here and are enjoying Muscat! All the best! :-)

  72. Hello Andy,
    It’s become my daily routine to check your new posts. I really like your photographs of the architectures. Especially the photographs of royal opera house, which was on the wordpress’ freshly pressed page and the one I personally liked because I used to dance ballet, and those of luxurious spa. Keep up your good work. I’m looking forward to reading your next post.
    Yours Sincerely,

    • Rona*Rina.
      Can’t believe I misspelled my own name….

      • Rina,
        Good to hear from you! I’m glad to hear you enjoy some of my pics. My wife also used to be a ballerina! :-) We’ll be seeing 2 more ballet performances this season so check it from time to time. Sometimes I notice the strangest mistakes I’ve written after I’ve published a post. We’re only human, right?! :-) Kind regards.

  73. Hi,
    Can you advise me how to get coaching for IELTS exam…..

    Kind regards,

  74. Charlotte Makala

    Hi Andy!
    I’m Charlotte from the Observer Newspaper. I would love to interview you for a feature in our Mazoon magazine. Do get in touch with me: charlotte_makala@yahoo.com
    Take care! Have a great day!
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi, Charlotte!
      Got your email. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you sometime after Christmas. All the best!

  75. Andy, very interesting blog. Safe travels.

  76. Hey,

    I stumbled across your blog from a google search. I’m looking into an English-teaching position in Oman and was wondering if I could email you with some questions. Thanks!

  77. Hi Andy

    I am living in canada now and used to live in Muscat before 2007. Muscat is a beautiful place and it grows on you. You are very lucky to live here. Happy New Year to you. Which Part of Canada you are from. I am living in toronto it was -14 yesterday!



    • Hi Mangala!
      Sure is cold in Toronto. It was 18 degrees Celsius in the morning and I thought to myself “Brrr..I need a sweater”, haha. Muscat really is a wonderful place to live! By the way, I’m from Surrey just outside Vancouver, BC. Happy New Year to you as well. :-) Thanks for commenting!

  78. Hi Andy,

    Great blog and love your stories.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I need some advice and would really appreciate if you and your community can help :)

    My family and I will be moving to Oman next month. I will be working in Muttrah and wanted to know if Azaibah, Ghubrah or Bauser are good places to stay as opposed to the city centre i.e. Qurum, Al Khuwair, Madinat Al Alam, etc?

    I know you probably get this sort of question always, but as an expat who has lived in Oman for a few years now, your advise and recommendations would be highly appreciated.

    God Bless you.

    Kind Regards,

    Mawdud Choudhury

    • Hi Mawdud,
      Thanks and welcome to the blog! :-) (BTW, that’s a very nice, professional website you got there!) I hope someone from the blogging community can help you out with this one as I know very little about good places to stay and all the factors in play in making such a crucial decision. As an English teacher for the past 15 years, I have always worked for schools/universities which have given housing and my current employer is no exception. I’m guessing that the commute to Muttrah each day might be an important factor though. I hope someone who knows more will give you some advice and recommendations here. You might want to check out angryinoman’s 3 latest posts on “Renting in Oman” at http://www.angryinoman.blogspot.com. Another suggestion would be to ask this question in oman forum ( http://www.omanforum.com/forums/) Kind regards!

  79. Hi Andy. Great blog!
    I grew up in Oman, and am now in Canada! I’m glad to see you enjoying it. Have you been out to Seefa yet? I hope you have!

    • Hi, Ropra.
      Thanks for the nice comment. I’m glad you enjoy the blog. You’ve got quite the blog there yourself! ;-) I especially liked your post about the Santa Parade and how Christmas seems to have been hijacked by old Saint Nick! Yes, I have been out to Sifah a few times now. Beautiful area! If you click “Sifah” in the right side “Categories” you can see my visits out there. Thanks for visiting. Don’t be a stranger! :-)

  80. Andy,
    Great blog!! Keep up the great writing. Looking forward to reading more. Also, enjoyed your photos.
    May God bless you,

    • Lynda,
      Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy the writing and pics. I noticed the link to your blog (www.lyndaparham.com) on your facebook page and have enjoyed your posts as well. I’m subscribed and looking forward to reading more of your great thoughts! May God continue to bless you as well. :-)

  81. Hi dear Lynda
    how are you ?
    hope you and your family are fine
    have nice time

  82. Hey, I’ve tagged you on this chainmail-sort-of-thing for blogs . Go to my blog to check it out :D :http://rantonit.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/tagged/

    • Antony,
      Thanks for the tag! I never got around to answering your fascinating questions as I’ve been so busy with so much on my plate. :-(

  83. Hey Andy!
    It’s always amazing to see another person from Oman blogging! :D I was born and raised there, and best friends with Rantonit! It’s great to see pictures of Oman. I’m in Syracuse studying architecture, and seeing all your photographs remind me of home so much! It’s unbelievable how i used to find Oman a boring place with nothing to do. But as soon as I got here, I havent been able to go by a day without searching for Oman in Google Images.

    Anyway, please give my blog a look and comment when you can!


    • ventingitout,
      Hi there! Nice to see a comment from you here. I have in fact seen some of your comments on Rantonit’s blog. That’s cool that you’re best friends. Any plans on returning to Oman in the near future? I hope that my pics will continue to make you long enough for Oman to consider returning someday. There is SO much to do in Oman these days and I really believe that these are Oman’s “glory days”. Thanks again for visiting. I have in fact visited your blog and will continue to do so. Cheers!

      • Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it. Yes, I will be returning to Oman for a week in mid May, but then I have to leave for India, to do an internship in Corporate Interior Design in Mumbai.
        I wholeheartedly agree that these are Oman’s glory days. I have told my friends time and again, that this is the time for a development boom in the Middle East and everything east of it. It has already started with the opening of the Royal Opera House and the Super Highway. Let’s hope we live to see it in its full glory soon!

  84. hi to all friends here
    is anyone knows soneone teach
    i want help in
    managerial economics
    operation management
    more thanks

  85. Hasin,
    Why not try the classified ads in one of the English newspapers? Good luck!

  86. Dear Andy,,,
    This is Hanan from Muscat, I really enjoy reading your blog every morning, your reviews are so interesting and the pictures are just outstanding. I am ashamed to say that I have never been to most of the places you have visited in Oman. Your posts has encouraged me to visit them with my family. I have one small request, I would like to use one of your photo’s for my blog if you don’t mind. Its a school’s gate and I liked the sentence written on it.
    Regards, Hanan
    P.S, your kid is sooo cute mashallah

    • Hanan,
      Hi, there! Glad to know a Muscat local enjoys the blog! :-) It’s a wonderful compliment to hear that my posts encourage you to visit some of the places with your family. Of course you may use the photo of the school’s gate for your blog. Which school gate are you referring to? I’m curious to know what the sentence is written on it. (Arabic I’m assuming.) Please let me know your blog address if you don’t mind. I’d love to take a look at it. Thanks for the sweet words about my precious son! :-) Kind regards!

      • Hi Andy,
        Well i got the pic from this particular post, Muscat->Mudaibi->Mahoot->Masirah and you have already translated it correctly (Show respect to a teacher because a teacher is like a prophet). I would be glad to know your opinion about my bolg, it’s quite new, only known by family and friends (www.muscatblogger.blog.com). Hope you have a great weekend

        • Hanan,
          Great blog you got there! I read your most recent post “Again with the protest!”-very interesting. You should set it up so people can subscribe to your blog. I know I would. Kind regards!

  87. Dear Andy,

    @Hanan: You express exactly what I feel!
    I’m always surprised about all the nice postings and reviews. In a few days we will be for the second time in Muscat and most of our day trips are from Andy’s recommandation “list”. I’m very much looking forward to this journey, I fell in love with the Oman!

    Regards from cold Germany.

  88. Inez,
    Thanks! :-) Wish I had more time to explore the beauty of Oman! Hope you have some fabulous memories on your 2nd trip to Muscat! Kind regards.

  89. Hi Andy

    Where will Canadian reach out for help in Oman at a Consulate of Embassy level of helo. there is no embassy here.

    Like loss of passport, etc



  90. Sorry i hit comment button. That was me

    where will canadians go in oman for when they need to contact embassy



    • Mangala,
      Here is the contact info for the Canadian Consulate in Oman:
      Consulate of Canada
      Trade Links Building
      Building 1738, Way 2728
      Plot 127 CBD, Ruwi
      Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
      Telephone: (+968) 24 788 890
      Fax: (+968) 24 788 826
      Email: canconoman84@yahoo.com

      Hours of operation

      Saturday to Wednesday: 08:30 – 12:30

      Kind regards!

  91. Hi Andy, Very cool wesbite. I am Adam from London, 30 years of age and getting married to my long term gf in June.. We are thinking about having our honeymoon in Muscat, Oman in july. To be specific from 11th-19th July.
    Now, we have never been to this region of the world before and are really excited, but have some queries for you;
    In your experience, how is the heat in the first half of July over there? Is it manageable?
    Is there enough to do there for 6/7 days (affordable activities)? I mean, interesting things to do and places to see?
    Is Oman good value? not overpriced -which on some websites we are reading that Oman is?
    I have saved for a while now, and will hopefully be staying at Al-Bustan Palace hotel.. any tips?

    Andy, i hope you read this and thanks, any reply will be highly appreciated and if you ever come to London or need any help in this part of the world, I will be very happy to help. Regards, Adam

    • Hi Adam,
      We are a couple from Germany and we spend our second holidays in oman. We are in muscat since yesterday and it is really hot. Last time, last october/november it was also hot. Today we have about 33C, at night about 30C. We would definately recommend to visit oman but not in july. If you stay in the Bustan Hotel don’t worry about prices in general because it is the most extensive Hotel in town. Apart from this you can design your Day at low cost. This is a very nice destination for honeymoon because it is so different to other countries. I fell in love with Oman!
      Cheers from hot muscat,

    • Adam,
      1st of all, congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding in June! Yes, there are plenty of things to do over 6 or 7 days but the heat is considered unbearable to many expats here from late May to late August. Oman is quite an expensive place but like Inez said, if you are planning on staying at the Al Bustan (which is expensive!) it seems that prices shouldn’t be a problem for you! ;-) If I were you, I would plan a romantic holiday in Salalah in southern Oman which is green in July and August from the Monsoon rains. There’s a great new hotel that opened up there (Marriot Hotel at Mirbat) that must be much cheaper than the Bustan Palace. I hope this helps you out and hopefully others can leave some advice for you as well. Kind regards to you and your Mrs.-to-be! :-)

  92. Dear andy,
    Thanks again for your reply. We do really enjoy these days here and on this time we have enough time to spend hours on relaxing.
    Yesterday we just walked on the qurum beach for 3-4 hours and stopped at the crepe cafe for some sweets things.
    On Sünden we followed your recommendation to as sifah. The small beach on the way (you postet the Sign to the left) were nice, but the offer of a young man to go out by boat was so expensive (15 rial for 30min) that we decided to leave. His english was not as good as we could really talk to him and he didn’t leave us alone. At the end there was a exibitionist sitting between the boats although i had cloths on which covered my shoulder and knees!
    So we drove to as sifah and we really enjoyed the nice beach there. We had no money with us so we will go back there this week for having dinner at the nice looking fish restaurant, which you also recommended.
    Do you have any other nice tips for us, because I do have only my mobile with me and its difficult to surf on your blog with it…
    Warm regards from close to the grand mosque,

    • Inez,
      Sounds like you are having a fabulous vacation! Walking along Qurum Beach is always a delight. Sorry to hear about the boatman hounding you in Sifah and the voyeur who couldn’t get his eyes off you in Sifah. You’ll enjoy your time if you back to the Boutique Hotel! You might want to check out Bandar Beach and Qantab just outside Muscat on the way to Shangri La if you haven’t already. Have fun! Kind regards!

  93. Dear Andy,
    Hi! Would you be able to help me with more info on the traditional Omani games that are played here? Would you be able to coordinate these games at an event so that the families can take part and play these games? If not, anyone who you know can maybe help us.

    Await your kind reply

    Warm regards


    • Suresh,
      I am quite ignorant when it comes to traditional Omani games! (Of course I’d love to know more!) Therefore, I had to laugh when you suggested me coordinating games at an event. I am not aware of any of my friends having great knowledge of such things either but hopefully someone reading this might have some suggestions for you. Warm regards to you as well! :-)

  94. Hi there :) In the form of a cute game that was passed to me, I am passing along this “tag” to you. I love you blog, it’s inspiring and funny, and so interesting!


  95. Dulcinea,
    Thanks for the tag! (I hope I can get around to responding!) I love your blog as well. You have a way of inspiring people and I’m glad to be subscribed to your blogposts. Keep up the great blogging and God bless!

  96. Hi Andy, I just happened to “stumble upon” your blog while researching an upcoming trip to Oman. I am also a teacher by trade from the US and I am currently doing teacher training in Afghanistan. I have a 7 day R&R coming up in Oman in mid-May. Your blog is awesome! So many good tips that are helping me to plan my agenda. Would love to touch base sometime. Many blessings your way from Kabul

    • Hey Jim! (any relation to Mr. “Jack Daniels”?! :-) )
      Be safe over there in Afghanistan. I know a friend who worked over there. He said the pay was fantastic but that life is pretty intense! I will be staying in Oman over the summer as I volunteered for extra teaching at that time. Get back to me through email just before you arrive (andydbrown@hotmail.com ) and hopefully we’ll be able to touch base while you’re here. Many blessings to you as well!

  97. Dear Andy,
    Thank you for a great blog. I have found it very informative, insightful and entertaining. I am in the (long) process of applying to work in Oman. I just wandered what other Christian churches there are in Muscat? I will probably drop you a lengthier email in the next few days with more queries, thanks for being so accessible. Remain blessed.

    • Sam,
      Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be waiting for your email. Give me an idea of what kind of church you’re looking for and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction. Many blessings as you struggle though the long process of applying and getting over here!

  98. Hello Andy,
    I’m going for a long shot here, but I hope you can help me. I need someone that can get around and ask a few questions. I’m trying to find two dear friends who last known address was Muscat. I don’t have any last names and I know there are a lot of people in Muscat, but, as communities tend to stay together, perhaps you could, in your spare time, help me in locating these ladies.
    The first lady goes by the name of Marcy (or Marcie). She is / was the manager of the dining facility within and without the American Embassy. She married an Omani while in the US and moved back there with her husband and took the job at the Embassy. We were dear friends while we lived there in Muscat in 01-02 (my husband is retired USAF). When we left
    she gave me tons of great recipes from the embassy kitchens but I completely failed to get her address. Why do we always do that?
    The other person was a young couple that lived in our servants quarters. Sujeva and Adjantha from Sri Lanka. Sujeva was my housekeeper but they were both so much more than that. There were such a wonderful Christian couple. They had children band Kandy, Sri Lanka, and we scrimped and saved every penny we had to send them home on a vacation they hadn’t had in years. It was sooo worth the financial struggle to see their faces when we gave them money for their tickets home.
    I’ve contacted the American Embassy’s public affairs office and security office trying to locate Marcy but have never heard from them. I’ve also scoured every picture and video searching for a familiar face that might bring a name to mind but to no avail.
    Sujeva came back to Kentucky with my two daughters on vacation and stayed with my mother- and father-in-law. They also fell in love with her. I’ve known a lot of people but few with such a wonderful heart as Sujeva and her husband, Adjantha.
    I do know that many women from Sri Lanka who work as household servants maintain a fairly close knit community. Perhaps if you could ask around for me and find someone who is “in the know”?
    I don’t hold out much hope of finding them but taking one step is betting than standing still. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    I will leave my e-mail address as well as my Facebook profile name just in case you find someone to pass my information along too.
    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
    God Bless!!!
    Margaret (Maggie) Hall
    Margaret Skinner Hall (Facebook name)

    • Maggie,
      I hope someone reading your detailed description here will be able to help you in locating these people. I know a few Sri Lankan friends in church and will ask them if they have any info on your dear friends. Unfortunately, most expats seem to be on vacation overseas right now so we’ll have to wait for them to return in September. Thanks for stopping by. I hope we can come up with some answers for you! Take care & God bless! :-)

  99. Hi andy this sam. from india, i m coming to muscat on 16th of this month please i want know the address of christian protestant church could you help me?, two years i have been in salalah oman now i got new job in muscat so please help me, samuelchidri.7@gmail.com

  100. Hi, Sam!
    1st of all, congrats on the new job in Muscat. I hope you enjoy life in the “big city”! You can find all info regarding the church on http://www.churchinoman.com The Protestant Church in Oman offices as well as Sunday service (7:30pm) are in the Ruwi Church compound. Friday services are held in the Ghala Church complex. Both locations are found in convenient maps on this page: I hope that helps you out. All the best!

  101. I just recently moved to Oman and have been to your blog numerous times… mainly to read your food reviews. I love the pictures, descriptions and reviews. In fact, we used it to figure out if we wanted to try Wasabi, B+F Roadside, and just recently I read about Ubhar. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

    Also, I would like to know more about the church. Location, times, etc.

    • muscatjen,
      Thanks for the lovely comment! You made me realize that I hadn’t posted anything for a restaurant lately so you gave me a good excuse to take my wife out for a lovely meal tonight! :-) (She says thanks!) I’m always excited when I hear that newbies to town (or those thinking of coming) are helped in some small way by this blog! If you wish to know more about the church, there’s lot of info (including directions) on the website: http://www.churchinoman.com If you need any more info, email me anytime at: andydbrown@hotmail.com Thanks for the visit and comment! :-)

  102. Hi Andy, I’ve just moved to Muscat a month ago. Wanted your opinion on the suitability of a blog I’ve been writing – especially since this is the first time I’ve been to the Middle East and am unaware of any possible legal issues. Appreciate a reply.

    • Ashok,
      Sorry for just getting back to you now. I noticed that the blog you were thinking of starting has been shut down. I guess you (or someone else) didn’t find it suitable. (?) Most websites (such as wordpress or blogger) that let you start blogs are not set up in Oman but elsewhere like North America so I don’t think there are legal issues to deal with. If you have any other blogging issues, feel free to email me at andydbrown@hotmail.com.

  103. Hi, Andy
    I just discovered your blog and I have a few questions about teaching in Oman. I’m also Canadian and about to finish school.

  104. hi, andy
    i m comming there after one month later……………..

    • Thanks for the warning! ;-) All the best as you prepare for this next big chapter in your life. Oman is awesome and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy here as much as I do!

  105. Hey Andy,
    I couldn’t help but read many of your responses to many inquiries. I can only say that as an Omani, I am glad and truly honored to know that people like you are in Oman. What an amazing blog you have and you are way too generous to keep everyone enlightened about your experiences and knowledge about this country.
    Loved how even the negatives about Oman (Weather mostly) came in an inoffensive way and is only aimed at explaining the reality. You are, with honor, a great representative to this beautiful country and I hope to hear more from your experience in Oman. Wish you all the best and happiness with your family and job. Regards

    • Mohamed,
      Thanks for the generous comment. I’m so glad that you have enjoyed following some of the dialogue on this blog. Oman is such a fascinating place to live, so it’s a real pleasure to share my (mostly positive…) experiences here to help anyone out. In honesty, I must confess that I’ve been negative sometimes about a lot more than just the weather and haven’t always been so gracious in my responses. In hindsight, I wish I was slower to respond in many cases. (“A gentle response turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath”. (Proverbs 15:1) Something to strive for in the future. (Apologies to anyone out there if that included you!) Thanks so much for commenting here and for the well wishes! All the best to you and your family as well! :-)

  106. Hi Andy thanks for this Awesome blog! I’ve been following you a few months now since decided to consider the ME for my next moves. Currently been living in S. Korea as an ESL teacher the past 3.5 years.Welll, today I got an offer from the Ibri College of Applied Sciences!! Any advice you can give to help me would be Great. I’m a little worried about being out in the middle of nowhere, solo as a woman. Any thoughts, would be Great thanks!

  107. Hi Andy, thanks for the wonderful blog!! I’ve been following a few months now since been considering Oman as my next move. I recently got an offer for a Lecturer position at Ibri College of Applied Science. Any insight willing to share on there?? I’ve been teaching ESL in S. Korea the past 3.5 years and am ready of a change. Do you think it would be tough as a single woman transitioning there? Any tips, advice would be Greatly appreciated thanks so much!!!

  108. Nicole,
    Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words. I’m always happy to hear that my blog has helped someone feel more comfortable about making the move to Oman. Congrats on getting an offer at Ibri College of Applied Sciences. That’s where I worked my 1st year here! I often joke that I had “to do my time” in the desert in the middle of nowhere before making it to Muscat but there’s a bit of truth to it. It’s not the most exciting place but if you have a license you can just head out each weekend as I did. Al Ain, UAE is also not too far from Ibri and I often escaped there from time to time. It’s a little tougher for women in Ibri and I’ve heard a few horrible stories from female colleagues but as long as you are very wise when it comes to security, you should be fine. When exactly are you planning on arriving? Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help whatsoever! I wish you all the best!

    • Thanks Andy!! Yes, that is what I was thinking too as far as “doing the time” lol. Really hard decision to make b/c Korea has been pretty good to me And I’d be ending my current contract a few months early. I would leave next month after my 30 days notice. Still weighing pros/cons but will get back to them soon. Thanks again. I’ve also been in contact with Baxter Really appreciate the blogs/vlogs you guys did! I’m loving the idea of being sooo close to UAE too would For Sure have some weekend getaways there. I have a couple girlfriends working there, a few in Saudi so that’s the ideal meetup point for us all to keep our Sanity! lol

      • I can totaly relate as South Korea was so good to me as well. I was there 9.5 years! I sometimes think of returning to Korea but the salaries and benefits really don’t compare to the Middle East, especially if you have family with you. Glad to hear you’ve been in touch with Baxter. He’s a pretty well informed guy and plus he makes some pretty decent videos! Best of luck as you make some important life choices. Keep me posted and all the best.

  109. Thanks Andy! I just got Great news!! I’m placed at the Tech Uni in Nizwa were I have a few girlfriends so will be closer to Muscat!! I’m so glad I double checked with the recruiter to see if they still had an opening with the MoM there :-).

    • Nicole,
      CONGRATULATIONS! That is such great news! Ibri and Nizwa may not seem that far apart in distance but in terms of teacher comfort, they are world’s apart! Good for you! :-)

  110. HI
    Nice postings and like to know OCF website address.
    We attended OCF for about 4 years and moved to USA.
    Please post latest photos and convery our regards to Pastor Boyang
    with love
    Johnsunder family

  111. HI
    i would like to post some of my photographs of scenary etc.
    can you please tell me the prosedures of this.
    As My hobby is to take pics of scenary (sun set ,sun rise), super cars etc.
    thank u ……….

  112. nayan,
    HI! If you have some great photos, I recommend starting a nice photo blog. It’s really quite easy. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it! Just go to http://www.wordpress.com and sign up for a free blog! It’s easy and fun. All the best! :-)

  113. was just in Oman during the Eid holiday! loved everything! definitely coming back! :)

  114. leandra,
    Thanks for visiting the blog. I love the high definition pics you put on your blog from Oman! You should definitely come back! :-)

  115. Hi Andy,

    Just couldnt stop myself to drop you some lines of appreciation as I am a big fan of your website. No doubt, the No.1 website in Oman, especially for expats.

    Ah, forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Kashif, Pakistani by origin, living in Muscat and working for Nawras as an Expert (Fiber Networks Design). As you may see that my job takes me to distant reaches of Oman and I feel (not sure) that I may have seen more Oman than 90 % of Omanis. I am also a hobbiest photographer using Canon 60D with Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 (Non-VC).

    As I am a travel and photography geek so may I suggest that if you please add the GPS co-ordinaes with the pictures of your travel exploits. That would be a great help to all of my kind who would like to follow the same travel path.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Kashif,
      Wow! “Comment of the day”! ;-) Thanks for your kind words. Definitely appreciated! FYI, muscat mutterings is the #1 English blog in Oman (www.muscatmutterings.com) and with good reason! I’m happy and humbled that so many choose to check out this blog daily, so thanks for your readership! Your job sounds fascinating, especially with all the traveling. Have you thoughtof starting up a photo blog. I’d be the first to sign up and follow! I really wish I had GPS co-ordinates but I don’t have any GPS gadgets that tell me such info. Any suggestions as to what I should get to be able to provide such great info to travelling buffs such as yourself?! Thanks so much for commenting. Get back to me if you have any more suggestions. Cheers!

  116. Thank you for visiting my blog. Your picture with baby( your son? ) is soooo adorable..aww ! :)

  117. hi im Omani and honesty you are One of us , cause you present the Real Oman . Oman my love, and every one in this country love Oman and his Majesty . thank you so much……

    • Khalid,
      Thanks for making me “an honorary Omani”! :-) I really do want people to know about “the real Oman” – mostly God but far from perfect. We love Oman and are so grateful to be living here! :-) Thanks for your lovely comment.

  118. Dear Andy,
    You have an amazing Blog and it was a pleasure reading it indeed.
    I just want to know how can I get in direct contact with you regarding your blogs?
    Please do let me know :)
    Thank you

  119. Nice to see your blog. Sounds like an interesting life you are having. My oledest son spent several years teaching English in Mongolia.

    • Thanks, Lilly! The feeling is mutual. I’m not following yours. And yes, I couldn’t ask for a more interesting life. God has been good to me! That’s fascinating that your son spent several years teaching English in Mongolia. One of my good friends (also an English teacher) ended up marrying a Mongolian lady. :-)

  120. Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the great blog. I have a question that I was hoping you could help me out with. I’m flying into Oman in about a week with my girlfriend and we’re looking to rent a car. Can you suggest a good place in Muscat to rent a 4×4 with a GPS? I’m obviously looking for the best price without compromising the service or quality of the rental.

    Thanks so much.

    • Dylan,
      Wish I could help you out. I rented a car from Rent-a-Car at the airport and was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. They put a block on my credit card for $200 “just in case I had speeding tickets or something came up later”. They didn’t even inform me beforehand. I’ve come to learn that this is a common practise by rent-a-car companies so be careful! I hope someone might be able to give you more help/suggestions with this…

  121. Andy, first congratulations on your great blog, it has been my source of information on Oman for a while! I’ve visited Oman 5 times so far on short work assignments through 2011 and 2012.. There was actually a possibility me and my wife would be relocated there but that didn’t end up happening, unfortunately. Our admiration for the country and the people grew at each visit and now, about 10 months since my last trip, it strangely makes me miss it way too much. Maybe it’s the “rawness” of the place – we do love the outdoors a lot and enjoyed much being able to pull up anywhere and camp, the deserted beaches, wadis, mountains, diving in the Persian gulf and so on. We still feel there is a lot we haven’t seen – never been to Musandan or Salalah and only briefly visited the Sands. You mentioned that you currently teach at a university – we are both engineers with graduate degrees – how open is the SQU to having foreign professors? Enjoy your time there and we hope to meet one day – in Oman!

    • Thanks, Andre! It’s people like you I try to keep in mind with the informative pieces on where to go in Oman. (BTW, love your scuba diving gravatar pic!) You’re right that there’s so much to see in the Sultanate! With all the places I’ve posted about, you might be more surprised about some of the places I haven’t been yet! Oman is a gorgeous land and we also love the “rawness” of the place. Of course the scuba diving has opened a whole other world in itself to explore now! :-) SQU is very open to having foreign professors. I have a lot of friends from SQU! Be sure to go to their main website (www.sq.edu.om) and click “job vacancies” which is updated frequently as the need arises! Would be great to have a couple that so obviously loves the country here on a long term basis! Thanks for commenting. Keep me posted, please.

  122. Hi Andy, Merry Christmas. That’s a great blog you have here. Looking forward to your review of The Indus, the new restaurant at the Opera Galleria.

    • Merry Christmas to you as well, Rajive! Thanks! Nice to know you enjoy the blog. Not sure when we’ll make it to the Opera Galleria. Noticed a review for the Indus on http://www.omanicuisine.com and he didn’t seem that impressed with the place. Are you connected with the restaurant at all?

  123. Yes Andy , I am involved with The Indus with their advertising etc. Thanks for the Omani Cuisine link. If it hadn’t been for the ‘hair’ incident, the report on the food and place was quite appreciative. I would love to have your take on the food and ambience as well. Do let me know when you plan to visit it.

  124. Maria Teresa, Italy

    Hi Andy! My husband and I are travelling to Oman in a week.
    Did you know good (but not too much expensive…) restaurants in Muscat, Nizwa and Ras El Add? We like to taste local dishes and not much formal rooms. Thank you very much!

    • Hi, Maria!
      I hope you have a great time here when visiting the Sultanate! There are plenty of good and inexpensive restaurants all across Muscat and even in Nizwa – Many Turkish restaurants which sell swarmas and such. For local dishes without the formality there is Bin Ateeq behind McDs in Al Khuwair, Muscat. There’s also one in Nizwa Souq. All the best during your trip here in Oman! :-)

  125. Maria Teresa, Italy

    Thank you Andy! Happy new year!

  126. I’ve searching looking for a job, I’ll to open your site it so wonderful, mostly your life. I work in Oman before as balloons decoration and arrangement in shatti al qurum I have well experience about balloons. But I have a job that’s why I’ll try give some message maybe you can help me, I have also Oman driving license. I’m from Philippines thank you.

    • Hi, Jerry!
      I wonder if it was at Candy Bouqet in Bareeq al Shatti mall where you worked. So where are you working now? How do you want me to help you? I’m sure you can find a decent job pretty easily since you have experience and an Omani driving license. All the best! Paalam!

  127. Hi Andy this is Aryel Lanzana (Art LLanzana) I saw that you posted here my Painting ” The Losing Battle ” I just wanna say Thank you,Im looking forward to meet you, thank you again.

    • aryel,
      Great to see a comment from such a talented artist here on the blog! Thanks for commenting and thanks for participating in such a worthy cause. Hopefully I’ll meet up with you someday. May God continue to bless your work and great charitable deeds!

  128. Hi Andy
    Great work!! where this place is? The top lake I meant!!

  129. Your faith, your values, your heart for the unreached, your beautiful family and photos. Love your blog.

    • You’re very sweet, Becky. Thanks for your kind words. Love your blog as well. I really loved your most recent weekly photo challenge for “love” and as I’ve already told you, you have the best “about” page I’ve ever seen. Blessings!

  130. Hi Andy, I am planning to visit family in Doha and researching a side trip to UAE and stumbled across your website. I hope to be able to attend a service at your church when I’m there. (I currently attend Westminster Chapel in Toronto, Canada) Still finalizing dates but likely will be the end of March. I was hoping you could give me some tips. I am planning to travel from Abu Dhabi and will likely fly into Muscat. I have about 5 days and hope to check out Muttrah (including the fish market) and also go to Old Muscat, Wadi Ghul, and Dhofar (Job’s tomb and frankincense trees) if I can fit it in. I am a female traveling solo and wonder if you can suggest a safe low-rate hostel/hotel (Sun City Hotel?) in Muscat. From there should I join a tour company (Zahara sights?) to see the sights or will I be ok on my own via public buses?
    I am a photographer and look forward to capturing some great pics when I’m there.
    appreciate your suggestions!

    • Hi Katie,
      That would be great if you could attend a service at our church while you’re here. Let me know when the dates are finalized and remember that most church services are on Friday morning over here, although there is also one on Sunday evening. 5 days isn’t a whole lot of time. If one of your days here is on a Thursday, my wife and I could drive you around Muttrah, old Muscat and other areas of Muscat for half the day. Some of the low-rate hotels are in Muttrah: Naseem Hotel, Corniche Hotel, the Marina Hotel and Fahad Hotel but there are some B&Bs and hotel apartments that I’m not that familiar with but you can find easily on hotel.com, booking.com, and other such sites. I don’t think public buses are that reliable here and they require a lot of great planning. Tour companies can cost a pretty penny as well. If you have a driving license, the best option is to rent a car, in my opinion. There are plenty of beatiful spots to capture, so I’m sure you’ll love it here as a photographer! Get back to me (through email is best) when your dates are finalized and I might be able to give you better suggestions. Kind regards!

  131. Your blog are truly great contribution for entire blogosphere Andy ,
    Thanks for sharing my friend :)

  132. Appreciate you liking some of my recent photography posts. Best to you.

  133. Hi Andy,
    I visited Oman in last Feb 17, 2013, just transit from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur and then change my flight in Kuala Lumpur to bring me back home in Bali Indonesia. When I was at the Duty Free shop of Muscat airport, I really wanted to buy a small souvenir of Camel Miniature (like on the picture you posted), but I could not do that because the time was limit for boarding again to the craft (I was following Umrah tour in Makkah). I am in Bali already, and still thinking of that camel miniature. Is there any chance for me to buy it? Please let me know if you can give any suggestion to get it.
    Kind Regards, Eddie

  134. thanks for liking several posts on my photography blog – http://rjgreenphoto.wordpress.com/ . Have a great day.

  135. Hi Andy,
    Greetings from Toronto, Ontario! I am looking forward to my trip coming up in 10 days (yikes lots of packing to do still) and am planning to attend a service at The Protestant Church of Oman on Friday March 29-Guessing it will be a good friday service? What time to you suggest attending-the 9am or 11am. Hoping to meet some other 20/30 year olds, maybe some other foreigners such as myself :)
    My plan is a couple days in Muscat (explore around Muttrah fish market and Old Muscat; check out Wadi Ghul) and then fly to Salalah for a tour of Job’s Tomb, Frankincense Trail, blowholes of mughsail. Maybe relax at a white-sand beach.
    Thanks for your helpful website in researching what to do in Oman!

    • Hi, Katie!
      Greetings from Muscat! :-) That’s great that you are planning on attending a service with us at PCO on Friday, March 29th. I suggest the 9am service as it’s more upbeat than the more traditional 11am (but same pastors and same sermon!) and has a large mix of people from all over the world. We have a group of 20-30 year olds at our church called “The Sanctuary Group”. If you come at the 9am service, I could introduce to a few of those other foreigners. Looking forward to seeing you on the 29th. If you have any other questions or need any help at all with anything, just let us know!

  136. Hi Andy!
    That sounds great, I am looking forward to the 9am service. I will be staying at the Mutrah Hotel which looks like a 20 minute drive away. Is there a taxi service you recommend?
    I arrive on the 29th and am planning to explore the fish market and old Muscat, of course with my camera :)
    It was snowing today in Toronto so I am very eager for my trip and some warm weather!
    I look forward to meet you and the Sanctuary Group!

    • Hello again, Katie!
      All the taxi services are basically the same to me. Here are a few taxi services listed in “Time Out Muscat”: Al Dar Taxi – 24700555/24700777, Comfort Line – 24702191, Hello Taxi – 24607011.

      You must be arriving quite early on the 29th if you still plan on making it to the 9am service! In case you want to contact the Sanctuary group before arriving, the email address for them is thesanctuary.pco@gmail.com or you can join their facebook group: The Sanctuary.
      Looking forward to meeting you, Katie. :-)

  137. Dear Andy,

    I am regular reader of your blog.

    However, we have open new property in Wadi Shab, where we would like to invite you to stay for a night.



  138. Dear Andy,
    Thanks for providing the rich information for all of us.
    The banner picture looks amazing. Can you advise where it was taken?

  139. Hello Andy, thanks for visit my site. you have a great site also. cheers!

  140. Hello Andy!

    Really nice blog!

    I am a french master degree student (geopolitic and international relations). I’m writing my thesis about Oman and its ties to its neighbors and the western world and try to show how the country in itself is quite unique. I was wondering if it would be possible to lead an interview with you through Skype. It would be about your point of view of Oman developpment nowadays.
    I am going to Oman for 2 weeks in may (probably from the 6th to the 18th), so maybe we could also meet up to talk.

    Best regards


    • By the way, I’m really happy to see that the Golden Oryx restaurant is still open. I went there in 1998 and missed that place since then.

    • Hi Aude,
      Thanks for the nice comment. I’m not much of a Skype guy, but let me know when you’re in town if you want to talk. Kind regards.

      • Hello andy,
        I’m arriving to Muscat on the 7th and leaving on the 17th. I haven’t really planned my time over there yet apart from the hotel.



  141. Dear Andy
    I stumbled across your blog and think it is great. My husband has been offered an interview with the Sultan’s school in Oman and is a bit confused as there are so many conflicting views and opinions about it on the internet. An honest warts ‘n all view would be great as we have 2 children and would hate to make another mistake – we are currently teaching at a school in Doha and it is dire, to say the least!
    My email is lskbrown at hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you, in advance


    • Lin,
      Glad to know you enjoy the blog. Thanks! I wish I could help you out but I don’t know a thing about the Sultan’s school in Oman. I hope you manage to find out the full story on the place and make the right decision. All the best!

      • andy – hi – kim here from squ. call me asap about diving tomorrow – change of plan! thanks!

        • Thanks for all the effort to reach me, Kim. Hard to figure out my blackberry as sometimes it just seems to decide to disconnect even though it’s on! Dives were awesome. Hope you’ll be able to make the next trip!

  142. Hello Andy
    I am omani
    My name humaid albadi
    I’m from Saham

    I’m job Research

    I have a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Media Management) I hope to work with you in the Sohar Port Company.

    My phone number 95544532 /humaid300@hotmail.com

    I hope to meet you soon.
    Thank you.

  143. Hi Andy,

    Was trawling the Internet for information on Oman as I may be locating there soon and was very impressed with your blog. I have actually recommended it to my best friend and her husband who are also Canadian and locating to Muscat shortly with their young daughter in the next couple of months. I’m sure it will be very useful. Keep up the good work!



  144. Hi Andy,
    Firstly congratulations on compiling a very informative blog! I have been scouring the Internet for information about life in Oman and then funnily enough I stumbled across your blog. Friends of mine will be locating to Oman in a few months time so I have recommended they take a look at it and incidentally they happen to be Canadian. Anyway, I just want to say keep up the good work!

    Best wishes,


    • Charlotte,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish your friends all the best as they prepare for an exciting new life in Oman! Kind regards.

  145. extremely useful and quite well maintained a blog as iv seen!

    Hi – i am karthik from India, currently in Muscat, Oman for a few months.
    ur doing a great job. iv bookmarked this blog. and id loveto contribute in anyway to fellow muscateers :) will send u a detailed email later today!

  146. Hi Andy,

    I am working on a book project on Oman and like some of your pictures of Quriyat fort (when I went it was closed for renovation). Would it be OK to use a couple in the book if I want to? If it is possible to do so, do you have your pictures at a higher res?

    • Joy,
      Sorry for the late response. You may use my pictures of Quiriyat Fort as long as you give me credit for them. All my pics are at higher and if you click on any pic it should open up to the higher res and full page pic. All the best with your book project!

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  148. Hi Andy,
    awesome blog!i always feel like going through a travel fiction when i read your blogs.and nice picture with your son:)..it was great to know you are associated with a church as i have some queries regarding higher education and finding sponsors for such in Oman,but then i will write to you about it later…again,thanks for the amazing blog as someone near to me will soon be traveling to Oman for work and she may need your help.cheers!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback! :-) It was 7 months since you wrote this comment. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Has your friend made it to Oman? Let me know if he/she needs any help. Cheers!

  149. Hi,I am Caleb from China,I am a christian .this is the first time for me to be in this country.I am gonna work in Sohar for about a year, so I want to find a church to attend service.I checked the church in Sohar on the map,It says the church’s name is Pentacosal church,is that right? ’cause I am from a reformed church and I believe in Calvinism,so if it is true then I guess I have to find another Church or fellowship which is a reformed one.If you have any information about this ,will you email me? thank you very much ,hope to get your reply soon.

    • Hi Caleb,
      Welcome to Oman! (7 months too late!) There are several churches in Sohar, I believe, but one building in which most meet. Contact the church office in Muscat (www.churchinoman.com) and they will give you all the details you need about finding a church in Sohar. I haven’t been to the church in Sohar for several years. Wish I could help you out more. Blessings!

  150. Riiam Al-Riyami

    Hi I’m Riiam Al-Riyami , Omani !
    I like your blog and i find it extremely interesting ^_^
    and I’m happy to invite you to Al Jabal Al-Akdar to my home and to take tour there
    please contact me ^^

    Keep on It


    • Riiam,
      You are too kind and (like many Omanis I know) very hospitable! Thanks for the offer but I don’t think I’ll be travelling to Jabal Al Akdar anytime soon. Thanks so much for the invite! It’s appreciated! :-)

  151. Andy, very interesting blog.Thanks

  152. Andy,we are worried about you!
    Please keep writing,you’re a great story teller and you helped many to get known Oman doing great travel guides.
    No matter who ”warned” you to stop ,don’t give up.Thanks.

  153. Hi Andy, thanks for hanging out at my blog!

  154. Hello there Andy!
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog! You really went through all of them! Now I will have to post some more for you to look at LOL!! Be well!! and thanks again!

    • Cedric, you have such unique perspectives with your photography and wit. It’s a pleasure to be subscribed to your blog. Keep up the fantastic work! Always love seeing a new post from Cedric de Alicoque waiting for me in the inbox! :-)

  155. Hi Andy, I want to get in touch with you. How do I call/ send you a private message?

  156. Thanks for grabbing the Aishelaqtta badge :) much appreicated

  157. Hi Andy, hope ur family is doing good. I like your blog, nice..
    I will be moving to oman soon, with a prospect of maybe getting a job, an accommodation, making new friends and been closer to God as I’m a christian. I’m writing this because I need your help, please email me

  158. Hi Andy… glad to connect and interact with you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog… :)
    Best wishes to you and yours.

  159. Hi .. my name is Sudipta Dasgupta and I head Public Relations at Fortune Promoseven in Oman (a PR/Events/Advertising agency). Can you please share your contact details with me. We have an event coming up and we want to invite bloggers of Oman to be part of it too. Thank you and have a great day ahead .. more when we speak!


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