Saudi Woman Defies Religious Police: “It is None of Your Business if I Wear Nail Polish!”

This video, if you haven’t already seen it, is of a courageous Saudi woman standing up to “mutaween” or “religious police” in the Hyat Mall in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.  It is going viral on twitter, facebook and youtube.  They were following her around and asking her to leave the mall because she was wearing nail polish and had some of her hair exposed.  She told them that they could leave the mall and she caught the whole thing on film.

“Get out of the mall?  I’ll show you who’s getting out of the mall! This is none of your business…I’m standing right here.

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16 responses to “Saudi Woman Defies Religious Police: “It is None of Your Business if I Wear Nail Polish!”

  1. So first world in some ways, so middle ages in others. She did well for fighting her corner, i hope more and more do the same.

  2. Seriously… they made her get out of the mall coz of Nail Polish? Thank God we are in Oman….
    P.S, i am an Omani woman, covering my head and wearing nail polish (occasionally) ; p

    • Mushu,
      You took the words right out of my mouth – “THANK GOD WE ARE IN OMAN!” Thanks for commenting. May God continue to bless the Sultanate, the Sultan and the people of Oman!

  3. I admire her courage and strength

  4. Good on her! Women there have lost their rights because they don’t stand up for them.

    And the few that do get punished.

    I like she asks him why he was staring at her mouth enough to think she was wearing lipstick. A religious Muslim man won’t be staring at a woman enough to see if she’s wearing makeup OR NOT. She’d have to be doing something major to get attention. Nailpolish? My gosh.

  5. Well done!
    Social media is one the greatest fears for these hypocritical bigots!
    Women of Saudi Arabia…….keep it up! You are great! You are special! You are beautiful!
    Do not let them do this anymore!

    • Yes, social media is really impacting our world, isn’t it? I’m glad the lady had the sense of mind to grab her cell phone and start recording.

  6. Alriiiight Woman power! Thats amazing. I wish I had guts like hers. Work in progress.

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